Points of Interest - Digital art by Maria Garcia - S1 - Valencia - 2014

Points of Interest
series1 | x/40 | 8x5cm | 2014

In former times people were inspired by physical maps for planning their trips.
The maps gave a brief overview about the geographic situation, some landmarks and small roads with nice views. By using navigation systems, all this information is lost and the traveller on his way passes nice places nearby without knowing about these points of interest.
In the art market we have the same evolution of navigation. A few big leaders point out the new hotspots of art and people take the shortest way to reach those destinations.
They even do not miss the little beautiful alternatives because they do not see them on the way from A to B.
In this series I will tag these nice places of art in Europe by means of digital art based on ink drawings.

The originals are available on Saatchi Online Gallery.

You can see all the places on my album point of interest on Facebook.

This series is published at the EXTRASCHICHT - Zeche Zollverein in June 2014 for the first time.

Maria Garcia, Valencia, spring 2014

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Points of Interest - Digital art by Maria Garcia - S1 - Valencia - 2014
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