Assumpta Arasa Altimira - Mediterranean Goddesses - S1 - 2019

Mediterranean Goddesses

In many ancient cultures, mountains were place where Gods and Goddesses lived, because of their proximity to the sky.

As it is seen, they connect us with Mother Earth and can be fertilized by the Sun, providing us with food.

In addition, caves symbolize the pubis, where there is the hidden promise and the night, and where everything begins.

Life and fertility pave the way through the wombs of the earth and a new cycle begins.

As Simone Beauvoir stated in "The second sex" when life was prioritized, the sacred was the feminine, the woman, the mother, the land. Only when the one who can kill has been prioritized, the soldier and the military appear.

That is why we have to leave behind warriors, military, executives and the heteroptriarchy and look back at our mountains and our goddesses, the Goddesses of the Mediterian Sea.

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Assumpta Arasa Altimira - Mediterranean Goddesses - S1 - 2019
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