Arta Garanca - Let's travel - s1 - 2021

Lets travel

This series is a presentation of the urban environment that I encountered on my backpacking travels. The project became part of a story where new encounters and coincidences remind about how impossible it is to control anything in life.

It started with the love for the subject - architecture. Then it moved to the wish to share - to show the precise place of where this view was captured. And then I wanted to share even more. I wrote a story, took photos and videos from the process, and published it online, available to the viewer. Unexpectedly, I am taking you on a very small journey to a place that you possibly have never heard of. Through art, through map, photography, story, and video. And thats the best part of traveling, the unpredictable, not-plannable meetings.

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Arta Garanca - Let's travel - s1 - 2021
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