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la belleza del perdon - Maria Garcia - 2021

la belleza del perdon - Maria Garcia - 2021

The ability to assign a thought to a symbol is an inherent part of our personal socialization. The strategic planning of the Stone Age hunting society with the help of symbols required the synchronization of these symbols in the group. Hunting luck depends on efficiency - in movement and in communication.
A symbol manifests the idea, captured in a thought, as a code. Mountain, valley, river and deer are represented, as well as wind, position of the sun, direction. A key is required for decoding. The key gives access to the resource, thus to priestly power. Whoever decodes can issue a proclamation. For all others only belief remains.
Without a key, the symbol remains a mystery. The mere viewer does not find any connection. Who can not read, remains stupid (stupid in its old meaning means "dumb").
In the decline of high culture, diversity is lost. The collections of symbols are losing power. The surviving symbol gains strength. The post-global era says goodbye to the national state. There is no longer any need for symbols for peace, nation or culture. But it will be important to recognize your own clan, to identify the hunting area, to find the way to your own camp. Defining symbols, exchanging keys, defining and establishing meeting places and bring life to them, mutual understanding of equal experiences. Only those who experience will live.

You got your symbol. Assign your meaning to it.

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Artsurprise itself is a social sculpture. It is initiated by the spanish german artist Juan Petry in 2011 and the main goal is to implement new technologies into the process of art creation and distribution. Using blockchain technologies to expand a contemporary artist's color palette is therefor a logical step forward.

Maria Garcias works from the La Belleza del Perdon series are part of contemporary history and address the post-pandemic era and its challenges in the reformation of Western societies. Get your NFT, one of the first 15 to be published as part of Artsurprise.

Artsurprise has inspired many contemporary artists to discover and use new formats and strategies in the field of social sculpture. The curated editions usually include 120 originals, selected works are also offered here as NFTs.

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la belleza del perdon - Maria Garcia - 2021
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