never forget - Juan Petry - 2021

History is made by the winners. When we use old sources in order to understand what happened in an epoch and what developments had prepared the basis for subsequent events, then we become aware that every old source has been processed in such a way that it can be used in the narratives of any successor in his respective era.

We already know from the courtroom how dubious witnesses statements are, how easily people are guided by assumptions and wishes, and how seldom evidence can be proven. With a history book in hand, the only thing left to the mind is Yes ... maybe!

With the advent of internet and its anti-social permutations of social media, all that remains is the certainty of the flat screen and some pixel on offer. Truth dies first in war, especially in information warfare. So you can approach a message by asking questions like Whose advantage would it be if I believed what was offered to be true? and How likely could the truth be the exact opposite of the proposition offered. The winners tactics are varied, keeping silent and selecting is part of the craft.

Forgetting is a grace and helps forgiveness. Anyone who wants to learn from this for their future needs memories. The winner often shuns memory when it comes to investigating how he came to be the winner.

Mainstream framing as weapons of mass destruction: We cannot determine what happens, our job is to determine what it means! says the winner. Game theory differentiates between finite and infinite games. The winner believes in the final victory and thus in the finite game.

The art project never forget examines the value of the source of information itself in the infinite game. The portraits of the protagonists (contemporary scientists, politicians, journalists, civil servants, artists, neighbors, colleagues) are burned on 500 year old olive wood, just as this new era and its beginnings will be burned into our souls.

Investigate data and facts for yourself about the person you received in this box, edit this knowledge and make it durable (paper lasts over 250 years). Pass on this artefact and the knowledge you gathered to the next generation. They will love and praise you for that. They will understand.

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never forget - Juan Petry - 2021
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