MUARCO - Museu de Arte Contemporaneo - Edition #2 - 2021

You hold a unique work of contemporary art in your hand. This work was shown for the first time as part of an exhibition in Spain in 2021. Under the title "MUARCO - the exhibition in the museum in the exhibition", more than 140 works were presented in the miniaturized mobile exhibition hall of the MUARCO museum. Visitors were invited to create their own works of art and replace existing ones with their own. This took place in Sporting Club Russafa in Valencia City.

A selection of 50 works are published inside the project ARTSURPRISE and distributed to all points of sale in Europe. The other 50 works are offered in a collection via well-known art portals.

Further information on the project can be found at A detailed documentation of the second exhibition and thus also access to research on the origin of this work, which you are currently holding in your hands, can be found here.

The artist becomes the facilitator of an art production space. The museum becomes the host of this space and the visitor becomes the creative expanding the art work. But all components together are forming the art work itself. The museum transcended from a passive storage and source of academic disput to a source of creation.

Todays art is part of tomorrows culture. It is up to you to preserve this art so that it becomes part of this our culture.

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MUARCO - Museu de Arte Contemporaneo - Edition #2 - 2021
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