The pathology of perception - Juan Petry - 2021

The pathology of perception - Juan Petry - 2021

What is this? The attempt to understand something often begins with this question. You can understand it. You already hold the work in your hand. Understanding means assigning, classifying, connecting with existing knowledge. And it all starts with sensory perception.
And what do you see? An object reminiscent of POP art, a model of a city block, flying objects in the sky?
Before you answer, another question: can you rule out the possibility that your latest experiences related to the purchase of art, the last two hours or the last phone call affected your sensory perception? A suggestive question ...
The statement of an art lover comes to my mind: "I do not want to know what the artist was thinking when creating it!"
In pathology, the disease is described based on perception. You know the clinical manifestation, you look for the reason, and you focus your attention on the object. We will compare as best we can and try to make analogies. Disease, defined as a deviation from the norm. Who defines the norm? Who communicates this standard? Who accepts this norm?
On the one hand, we are looking for support in the context, in the accompanying circumstances. On the other hand, we are looking for the specialist whose trained eye can decipher for us what is meant.
On the one hand, we are looking for openness, the indefinite, the space for our own interpretation ... On the other hand, we want to perceive it correctly, whatever is correct.

In 2021 the artist residence CASAdelDRAGON experienced a heyday of art production. New technologies such as laser cutters and CNC milling cutters were installed and this artwork is also a result of these modern painting media. Contemporary artists can be recognized by the fact that they enjoy their time and make use of the creative means, materials and tools of their time. The precise cutting of a laser cutter opens up completely new possibilities for unique art.

The object in your hand makes something perceptible. It is linked to the question: What do you see? If in modern physics the event is defined by the observer, then this object becomes the object of observation through your perception. Your imagination is reflected and this contemplation is the real work of art. Let the world know what you see. Post a picture and your ideas about it on social media. Encourage others to respond and enjoy new ways to see this work of art.

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The pathology of perception - Juan Petry - 2021
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