Memories - CASAdelDRAGON - Natasha Russo - 2011 - 2021

Memories - CASAdelDRAGON - Natasha Russo - 2011 - 2021

Memories is the first prototype of a game created for the european art project and delivered in a black box. It contains 50 cards to play with.

Based on Russos drawings this game expand the idea behind all these mind challenging - variants. It contains 38 normal pairs, 4 joker, 2 singles and 6 special pairs. In a pair the logotypes are facing each other, in case of the 38 normal pairs the faces (images) are showing in the opposite direction.

You can play the game like an ordanary game to test your memory capacities by excluding the two single cards. Or you can download the ruleset no.1 here. You will expand your experience of playing this types of games a lot!

The original drawings are available in the marketplace here.

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Memories - CASAdelDRAGON - Natasha Russo - 2011 - 2021
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