Panopticon of the Chimeras

Panopticon of the Chimeras - Elena Ploetz - 2021

Elena Ploetz, née Petrovna Lasovskaya, works and lives in Germany. The Russian artist always finds new motifs and motivations to use the drawing pad.

In this series, Ploetz invented fantastic creatures, as well as stories about their peculiarities, habitat and way of life.

Congratulations. You have now discovered a new species. You are invited to describe this hitherto unknown being. Follow in the footsteps of Humboldt and other naturalists: what is the name of this creature, where and how does it live, how does it feed? Let your imagination run wild. Post the motif and your description on social media and share the link with your friends and with the artist.

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Panopticon of the Chimeras
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