lenguaje corporal - Maria Garcia - 2021

lenguaje corporal - Maria Garcia - 2021

When children who speak different languages meet for the first time, they train their senses. They read a universal Esperanto: the body language of the other. This language of the body connects us all. In traditional school education little value is attached to this language, probably also because adults have lost lot of everyday life knowledge on the way. The dominance of images and words in modern media, the restrictions, alienations and overlays are of little help in recognizing, appreciating and using this large body vocabulary. When adults hide their bodies and themselves from their children, they are silent in a very special way. And where there is silence, there is no expectation later to hear something special.
In a time of alienation from nature, from health, and from ones own body, references are lost. The unrelated remains vague. When emotions can no longer be read, then the need to take a breath follows the inability to recognize.
Anyone who does not learn this body language as a child will remain unaffected as an adult and will not be able to communicate well. If one generation is on a journey to itself, the next one will go on a journey to the other. This generation might regret not being able to make themselves understood. So we should teach them body language, now.

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