Juan Petry - Simbola - AP - 2021

Simbola - AP* - 2021

Simbola is a preLanguage based on symbols. Simbola is a tool to explore the amazing capacity of a human to learn a new language, especially if it is the first one.
Whenever a child discover its first language as a tool to communicate it need to bind something new to something which already exists in its mind. I ask myself, how it is possible that every child is able to learn any spoken language on this planet. There must be something below language, something basic, given by nature. This preLanguage might be a universal code handling mechanism which is given to all of us to explore the universe.

Simbola contributes to the research about the universal language theory (ULT).

More Information about ULT you find here:

* This work is a rare artist proof. This AP is used to give an impression of the finished work that is identical to the numbered copies. In the early years of ARTSURPRISE we had to figure out new art types like digital art. This piece is an original artist proof of one of the first print series in ARTSURPRISE. This work is therefore linked to the origins of the ARTSURPRISE project and thus a piece of history. Now it is your job to preserve this piece and thereby contribute to what we all call contemporary history.

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Juan Petry - Simbola - AP - 2021
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