round table - Juan Petry - S1 -2021

Round Table - Juan Petry - S1 -2021

The round table is a symbol for the dialogue, the occult meeting, the committed community, the togetherness beyond hierarchies, the privilege of belonging. Your own position in the group and beyond, the table neighbors, the alliances that result, all of this describes the round table. Its physics describes a circle, any direction is possible, but decisions about direction are often made, at the round table, in the back room.

A play area and four discs are available. The rules by which the game is played must be invented! The discs and the symbols on the playing surface are only offers!

The game starts with the players agreeing on a set of rules that they develop themselves at the beginning. These rules should be written down. If the game has been played successfully, all players - including those at other round tables - look forward to a publication of the rule set. This website is available for this purpose. Here is a rule set offered:

The miraculous solution

Rule 1
The players form a circle, if possible at a round table. The playing field is placed face down in the middle. The youngest player begins and turns the playing field so that everyone can see the symbols.

Rule 2
Each player sits closest to one of the symbols, in case of doubt the right of two is to be chosen. This symbol is assigned to this player for this game round. In following rounds, the players turn the playing field clockwise.

Rule 3
Each player thinks of a personal question that he would like the group to solve. The question is not revealed. The question topic is determined by the symbol assigned to the person asking. So the topic is known to the other players, the question is not.

A - Subject logic, language, education, communication. Exemplary questions: How do I let my father know that I am angry without hurting him? Should I start studying?
Smiley - Emotion, feelings. Exemplary questions: How do I tell person A that I cannot smell him without hurting him? How do I explain my affection for person B? Why does person C always make me upset when she talks to me?
666 - Occultes. Exemplary questions: Do secret societies rule my life? Are these conspiracy heroes real?
Hand - Work, job, career. Exemplary questions: Should I take the job at company A? Is it better to start a dual degree?
Yin-Yang - Soul, karma, mentality. Exemplary questions: Would yoga really do me good?
Fish - Religion, belief, tradition. Exemplary questions: Have I moved away from my religion? Should I take this belief? Should I join my fathers hunting party?
Star - Astrology, astronomy, personality determination. Exemplary questions: Do horoscopes mean something to me? Is there a purpose that I have to follow?
Illuminati - Freemasons, free thinkers, secret societies, autonomous groups. Exemplary questions: Is joining a lodge or a union a sensible option for me? Is person B a member of a secret lodge? How should I respond to a secret covenant enlistment?

Rule 4
The youngest player begins. He rolls the 4 game discs. Red stands for one, green for zero. The position of the discs results in a binary number between 0000 and 1111. This has to be converted into the decimal system. The player now has a choice. He can credit himself the points and pass them on to the next player or he allows two questions from every other player. They try to find out what his real question was. At the end of the round of questions, the player decides how he wants to distribute the number of points thrown to the other players, whereby the most useful questions should receive the greater share. All players with good inquiries receive the full number of points, conditionally good inquirers receive 50% of the points (rounded down). Unhelpful inquirers receive only one point. The player must justify his point allocation without revealing his question!

Rule 5
The number of game rounds in a game is calculated using this formula: Rounded up ((number of players plus 8) / number of players).

Rule 6
The winner is the player with the most points, in case of equal scores, the player who gave himself fewer points is the winner.

Rule 7
Experienced players can increase the number of game rounds.

Rule 8
The players do not reveal their own questions, not even after the end of the game.

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