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Live on Stage I - Olaf Rauch - 2021

The photo series Live on Stage I shows selected musical portraits by the Bochum-based photographer and multimedia artist Olaf Rauch alias nullkunsteins. Olaf Rauch has been working as a house photographer for the Christ Church in Bochum since 2012 and has photographed numerous newcomers as well as national and international stars on stage there - including:
10CC | Albert Hammond | Alice Francis | And One | Anne Clark | Arnold Kasar | ASP | Drill and the Club of Gore | Bugge Wesseltoft | Camel | Chogori |
DASH | Your lackeys | The Happy | Einar Stray | Elektro Guzzi | Emika | Faun | Wrong colors | Front 242 | Giora Feidman | Rough cut |
Guildo Horn | Hans Joachim Roedelius | Heinz Rudolf Kunze | Herbert Pixner Project | Herbert van Veen | Joachim Witt | Koke | Kreidler | Laibach |
Laith Al-Deen | Leland P. | Lisa Gerrard | Nic Koray | Nik Bärtsch | Nils Landgren | Peter Heppner | Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) |
Qntal | Ray Wilson (Genesis) | Seven | Solstafir | Stable Elite | Stoppok | The Dark Tenor | The Gregorian | The Idiots | VPT and many more

The singer, who also calls herself Miss Flapperty, comes from Romania and has dedicated herself musically to neo-swing, which combines the swing music of the 1920s with modern elements from hip-hop and electronics. The recording was made in 2013 during a concert in the urban urtyp series ( - a time when Alice Francis was still unknown to the general public.

The Briton was originally rooted in the genres of post punk and dark wave. Her idiosyncratic style of singing quickly led to her own genre "Spoken Word". After retiring in 2015 and suffering from cancer, Anne Clark is now back on tour with her acoustic tour. The photograph was taken during the Acoustic Tour 2014 in the Christ Church in Bochum (

After starting out with the rock band Duesenberg, Joachim Witt started his solo career in 1980. After the great successes in the NDW era, his style changed again and is now considered the leading representative of the New German Hardship. The recording was made in 2019 during a concert in the Christ Church in Bochum (

The musical arm of the artist collective New Slovenian Art has been reinventing itself musically since 1980. Laibach is also the first band to perform in both South and North Korea. The photograph was taken in 2019 in the Christ Church in Bochum (

This series is related to some NFTs, published by Artsurprise.

Artsurprise itself is a social sculpture. It is initiated by the spanish german artist Juan Petry in 2011 and the main goal is to implement new technologies into the process of art creation and distribution. Using blockchain technologies to expand a contemporary artist's color palette is therefor a logical step forward.

Olak Rauchs works from the Live-on-Stage series are part of contemporary history and address the post-pandemic era and its challenges in the reformation of Western societies.

Artsurprise has inspired many contemporary artists to discover and use new formats and strategies in the field of social sculpture. The curated editions usually include 120 originals, selected works are also offered here as NFTs.

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Live on Stage I - Olaf Rauch - 2021
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