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NFT - This non fungible token will soon be destroyed by a digital fungus - Ada de Nada - 2021

NFT - This non fungible token will soon be destroyed by a digital fungus - Ada de Nada - 2021

NFT is a unique digital identifier - or an asset - that cannot be copied, multiplied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership.

The German DUDEN describes the word fungible as "movable thing or commodity to be determined in trade according to size, number and weight".

The MERIAM WEBSTER defines it as a good, one part or quantity of which can be substituted for another of equal value in satisfying an obligation.

Contemporary art makes use of contemporary painting media. The organized escape into the digital is an evasion in the real. The creation, storage, distribution and perception of NFT-based art is resource-consuming, limiting and it promotes entropy itself.

As always, technology is the expression of the will to subjugate the world - or whatever someone thinks it is. Like thinking itself, every new technology creates its own eco-system, its own reality. In competition with all other systems - selection and mutation - it permutes itself and its hosts.

Like any new technology, blockchain borrows resources in the now and wants to pay with the benefit in the future. Whoever exchanges FIAT money in crypto currency believes, whoever offers the exchange also believes.

Only a few succeed in objectification. They exchange both for material assets.

Successful acquisition of resources in this world is answered with parasitic infestation. The creator exhausts himself in the creation of his work. The second sentence of thermodynamics applies until further notice. The GPUs of this earth unite and find their peace in a long blackout or prepare the habitat for the coming Savior.

ADA de NADA, 2021

This series is related to some NFTs, published by Artsurprise.

Artsurprise itself is a social sculpture. It is initiated by the spanish german artist Juan Petry in 2011 and the main goal is to implement new technologies into the process of art creation and distribution. Using blockchain technologies to expand a contemporary artist's color palette is therefor a logical step forward.

ADA de NADAs works from the NFT - This non fungible token will soon be destroyed by a digital fungus series are part of contemporary history and address the post-pandemic era and its challenges in the reformation of Western societies. It is token, asset and promise itself. Get your NFT now.

Artsurprise has inspired many contemporary artists to discover and use new formats and strategies in the field of social sculpture. The curated editions usually include 120 originals, selected works are also offered here as NFTs.

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NFT - This non fungible token will soon be destroyed by a digital fungus - Ada de Nada - 2021
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