MUARCO - the exhibition in the museum meets LaJoya Gallery space in Valencia

The intention and task of MUARCO is to question the current and future contemporary role of the museum as an institution for the preservation and dissemination of culture in a society and to offer new impulses to formulate adequate answers. While the mobility of the people involved within these institutions is limited and subject to many regulations, art can (almost) ask questions and, above all, try things out.

In autumn 2022, MUARCO was invited to receive its guests in the LaJoya Art Space. As part of a group exhibition of international artists, the visitors were confronted with the chance to become active themselves and create their own works on the theme of the exhibition Relicts of the future, to curate them themselves and to determine their position in the exhibition and to sponsor another work to donate to the MUARCO project.

Over the course of the exhibition, many visitors have seized this opportunity and given shape to their own views of contemporary art. In this way, the museum not only became a temple of self-empowerment, it also became the subject and place of dialogue. This social togetherness is of particular importance in contemporary times.

As part of the exhibition, high school students from Greece were invited to take part in this project. With the commitment of a teacher and the support of the school management, more than 30 students submitted their own small works to Spain.

And the museum becomes a kind of culture factory. The newly created works, in dialogue with those originally offered, have found their way onto the art market. As part of the Artsurprise project, they will be offered in a special edition and travel all over the world. And so new sources of power are tapped that allow a project like MUARCO to continue asking the question: What is a contemporary art museum?

More about this project here.

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MUARCO - the exhibition in the museum meets LaJoya Gallery space in Valencia
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