ARTEFACT - WE ACT - Juan Petry 2023

ARTEFACT - WE ACT - Juan Petry 2023

Define democracy: the attempt by an informed minority to use discourse to prepare viable decisions, without the use of force.

In order to be informed, access to information is required. This information should have been obtained through ones own sensory perception at the point of its original appearance. If it is then reproduced in ones own words and actions in the same place, the feedback verifies ones own interpretation.

Access to information is only available to those who know where to go and to whom is granted access.

In ancient Rome this place was called "forum". Admission was granted to those who had the right to bear arms in public, they were called citizens. The right to bear arms was often delegated, but the right to speak was not.

The discourse was always public. Any form of collusion was considered a betrayal of the idea of democracy. At the same time, the public offered protection against counterfeiting. Finding consensus was considered a form of the arts. Limited guidance was granted in confidence of implementation. Those who were closest to the compromise that had been found were assigned the position they had previously expressed.
Threatened by "German Dunkelflaute" A.I. will not offer a way out. Citizens have to create their own forum. They have to see themselves as citizens and be able to find each other.

You are in possession of the keys to this forum. Use these stamps in your real physical communication. Document the use (e.g. photo). Publish this documentation on TWITTER and other social media platforms. Use hashtags like #WESEE, #WEACT, #WEKNOW and find people who communicate freely like you by searching for these hashtags.

Enjoy the power of free speech. This right is not granted. The free citizen takes this right. Anyone who wants to restrict it proves themselves to be non-democratic.

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ARTEFACT - WE ACT - Juan Petry 2023
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