E.Brons - Breeze - S2

"Edgar Brons is one of the hidden champions in the german comic art scene over the last 50 years. As a multi-discipline author, drawer, photographer and painter he likes to play with all kinds of materials and themes. One of the most important values of his character is his fine and deep humor, in which he is even able to smile about himself. As a long-term close friend and great supporter of ARTSUPRISE and the spanish artist residence CASAdelDRAGON he contributes with publishing this series in 2011."
(Juan Petry)

This box is special. It was offered in Cologne and placed in one of our vending machines close to the entrance of the Kaethe Kollwitz museum. The box was stolen together with the vending machine and later rescued.

Read more about one of the biggest art robberies in the history of artsurprise

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E.Brons - Breeze - S2
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