Juan Petry - el cuadro del pueblo

In winter 2011 we celebrated Christmas, as part of an exhibition, in the old ermita Sant Sebastia in Cervera del Maestre. We showed a very large combined painting (12 x 0,6 m) and gave each visitor a passe-partout.

Everybody selected his preferred fragment of the painting, put the passe-partout above it and we cut out the part.

More than 200 of these fragments can now be seen in private houses in the village of Cervera. The people were surprised about this performance and felt united by holding their art work as a part of something bigger.

If you hold one fragment of this combined painting in your hand, you are also part of the story and thereby connected with the inhabitants of this village.

Whenever you pass the region of El Maestrazgo you should visit Cervera del Maestre (Castellon) and ask the people about "el cuadro del pueblo". They will welcome you and show you their piece.

You can also visit the CASAdelDRAGON, the think tank and artist residence where this series was created.

Juan Petry, Cervera 2011

Thanks to: Amalia Batalla, Sonia Eva Domenech and Jaume Ferrer for support

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Juan Petry - el cuadro del pueblo
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