TGV en 50 secondes - series I. - x/100

The Spanish-German concept artist Juan Petry produced a short stop motion animation film to pay homage to the Lumiere brothers and their first art film L arrivee d un train en gare de La Ciotat.

The animation film remake was realized in Cologne, one of Germanys major centres of art and culture.
Petry submitted the film in the international short film festival contest CO.AR.CO in Marseille, France.

The film was pre-selected by the jury of CO.AR.CO and TGV in 50 seconds was shown in a public viewing at the original place in La Ciotat in France.

You have now received one unique piece from the original film set.

Have a look at
and you will find more background information, you can watch the film and the making-of.

also for further information about other tgv art and to order additional pieces or combined pieces with frames.

Juan Petry, Cologne, 2012

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TGV en 50 secondes - series I. - x/100
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