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Please read our Cooky policy and our data protection policy before you send us any data (by email or using the form below). If you agree in our conditions now you can use our service for your location - to host a vending machine - or as an artist to apply for distributing your artworks via artsurprise.eu

At any time later you could apply for erasing your personal data - according to the GDPR and limited by other national and international law.

Erasing your data or / and applying for closing your account you could call +49 160 991 31 933 or write a mail to office / at / artsurprise / dot / eu .

application form for audio and video artists

You are audio or video artist!


We are looking for audio art and video art like experimental music, sound installation, short films, performance, documentary, audio book producer, film makers.

We offer a new fast growing network of points of sales in real art spaces like galleries, museums, exhibition halls in spain, germany and other european countries.

You get ONE EURO for each single copy!



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