16 October 2018    
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EL Matadero Tortosa

Museu de Tortosa

Rambla de Felip Pedrell, 3
43500 Tortosa

Tel. 977 510 146




The Museum of Tortosa explains the history of the city and its territory from prehistory to the twentieth century from a selection of the most representative of the municipal collection. The temporary exhibition hall is a dynamic place that has, since 2007, a stable program of exhibitions in the city. The main priorities are the dissemination of cultural heritage and visual arts. The museum presents samples of production or art-themed exhibitions.


A splendid facade welcomes Pau actualment Monguió Museum.


The museum about ARTSURPRISE:

This project is sustainable without discrimination involving a large group of artists putting them in contact with a diverse audience. We believe that the dynamics of the project stimulates the creativity of the artist and the viewer closer physically to the work activities curious that for the creator. Surprise Art is an open proposal and generating opportunities.



Horaris de visita
De l’1 d’octubre al 30 d’abril
De dimarts a dissabte de 10 a 13.30h i de 16.00 a 19.00h
Diumenges i festius d’11 a 13.30h
De l’1 de maig al 30 de setembre
De dimarts a dissabte de 10 a 13.30h i de 17.00 a 20.30h
Diumenges i festius d’11 a 13.30h

Tancament anual: 1 i 6 de gener, el primer diumenge
de setembre, 25 i 26 de desembre


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