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You can find artsurprise in several art locations. The number of partners listed below is continously increasing. Check out this page from time to time and find our new points of sale.




AT Pichls
The Steirerhof in Pichl/Enns - this is near the city of Schladming is a famous hotel and cultural hotspot in the region Schladming-Dachstein. Running by the Pitzer family you can discover a lot of exiting guided tours. Markus Pitzer - also known as a famous contemporary music composer - runs regulary exhibitions in the location and mount the FIRST artsurprise point of sales in Austria
CAT Amposta
Lo Patio, Art Centre of Terres de l'Ebre, based in Amposta wants to be the catalyst core initiatives and projects field of visual arts conducted in the regions of Montsià Ebro, Ebro basin and Terra Alta. The work of the center includes dissemination programs, training, production, collection and file in accordance with accounting part of the Network Visual Arts Centre of Catalonia.
CAT Barcelona II.
Valid Foto BCN is a project coming from the initiative of 4 people who decided to open a space dedicated to the exhibit of photography and events related to the medium. The gallery's commitment is to promote photography as a valuable art form. It presents and promotes artists within the gallery own space, as well as outside its wall. Valid Foto committal is to give the right expertise to clients and to inform the willing public about the photographic medium.
CAT Barcelona
FABRA I COATS - CREATION FACTORY GIVES SUPPORT TO ARTISTIC CREATION AND HAS WORKING AREAS FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, MUSIC, PLASTIC AND VISUAL ARTS AND MULTIMEDIA CREATION. Fabra i Coats is a multidisciplinary space which will be promoting artistic hybridisation to become a point of reference in artistic research and in the generation of new quality contents, as well as a meeting point for groups, creators and proposals from different spheres and backgrounds. The goal of Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory is to give support to artistic creation and it has work spaces for the performing arts, music, plastic and visual arts, multimedia creation and also for projects relating to information and communication technology (ICT).
CAT Barceloneta
Centro Civic Barceloneta - Barcelona - Spain
CAT Figueres
The contemporary art gallery dolors ventos is located in Figueras in the north east of Catalunya (Spain). In conjunction with DIEZ CENTIMOS - an spanish association for poor kids - the european art project artsurprise.eu develop a new point of sale in the art metropole of Dali. The gallery feature young catalan and international contemporary art.
CAT Girona
Casa del Cultura is one of the famous cultural and art spaces in the capital city GIRONA.
CAT Manresa
Cultural Center - exhibition hall - event hall - Manresa - Catalunya - Spain
CAT Tortosa II
The School of Art and Design Council in Tortosa is a center of artistic education with extensive teaching experience, since 1952, has been evolving and adapting to the demands of their own educational and cultural time. An area of education built upon the personality of the city itself and Terres de l'Ebre.
CAT Tortosa
The Museum of Tortosa explains the history of the city and its territory from prehistory to the twentieth century from a selection of the most representative of the municipal collection. The temporary exhibition hall is a dynamic place that has, since 2007, a stable program of exhibitions in the city. The main priorities are the dissemination of cultural heritage and visual arts. The museum presents samples of production or art-themed exhibitions. A splendid facade welcomes Pau actualment Monguió Museum.
CAT Pals
DE Eibenstock
DE Neuss
Bilderetage Kloeden is a well - known place in the city of Neuss. In the inner part of the city, nearby the old Quirinus Minster as one of the most important late Romanesque churches on the Lower Rhine and landmark of the city of Neuss. It was built in 1209-1230 and it get in 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI. the status of a minor basilica. Bilderetage Kloeden is exhibiting over more than two generations in two lightfull floors. Kloeden offer also high quality service in framing.
Art and culture are main ingredients of a community. Nothing characterizes a city over the centuries more than its culture. Architectural and sculptural works of art give the city Aue a special and important character. The Town Hall Gallery - gallery of another kind shows national and international contemporary artist. The gallery attracts a lot of visitors. Regularly exhibitions, art exchange and cooperation with other galleries and artist projects are surprising the guests. Over more than 10 years the gallery of the other kind is well established and inserted into the urban live of Aue and the region.
DE Braunschweig
Brunsviga, reborn out of an industrial building from the last century, was transformed into a culture and communication center in the city of Braunschweig. Now it hosts art, theatre, and a lot of different important cultural activities for the region. The house is one of the most visited places around and welcome more than 150.000 guests per year.
DE Witten
Boesner - headquarter of the distributor for artist tools and materials
DE Wettringen
Art Hotel Zur Sonne - exhibition space - sculpture garden
DE Gelsenkirchen II
exhibition hall - event hall - cultural center
DE Wuppertal
FIM is an international space for multicultural activities in the heart of the city Wuppertal. The beautiful space, connected to the river, combines outside and inside spaces for art, shows, workshops and exhibitions.
DE Windeck II
The culture center KABELMETAL, an old industrial complex in the forest at the river Sieg is a famous place for music, art and other culture activities in the region south east from Cologne and Bonn.
DE Gronau
The producer gallery, working space and sculpture garden ATELIERAMPARK is founded by Ruediger Brede and Detlef Bartels. Since 2012 Anke Hoge is part of the group. AtelierAmPark is a famous place in Gronau for young emergency contemporary art:
DE Cologne III
Cultural Center Antonio Machado Cologne - Germany
DE Cologne II
The town hall of the Cologne district Lindenthal offers space for regular temporary art exhibitions.
DE Cologne I
The KOMED building in Cologne is place for art und cultural foundations and education. The public high school of Cologne use the space also for individual and group exhibitions of contemporary art.
DE Windeck
The conceptual art space RaumFuerDieKunst is located in Windeck, a green and lovely region near Cologne and Bonn in Germany, also near to the airport Cologne. The spanish german artist Juan Petry invites artists from all over the world to stay in the artist residence and to use this space as a show room of contemporary art, intervention and installation. The european art network EL-DRAC use this space also for interntional group exhibitions.
DE Essen II
Konsumreform is one of the socio cultural activities of R.Wiesemann in Essen. The location in the inner City is Coffee Bar, second hand store and art store. A nice place to relax and discover art and more...
DE Essen
Unperfekthaus in the city of Essen is a beautifull sightseeing location, a nice place to meet creative people, perfect for business meetings and full of art, gifts and innovations. On more than 4000 square meter you could meet a lot of artists and creatives, a huge buffet is waiting for you and a friendly crew will offer you best service.
DE Duesseldorf II
Dr. Krevanies BIGLAS is an institution in framing of fine art in Duesseldorf. The high-specialized manufacture company works for the famous galleries and museums around the city of Duesseldorf and in their showroom they promote the european art project artsurprise.eu and selceted famous fine art of successful artists. Some art lovers discover now, that they get JUST-IN-TIME a high quality framing solution for the art works they get out of our machine. The team offer high-quality solution of framing just when the client get the piece of art out of the machine! Perfect handcraft work meets perfect european art. Our group of more than 220 european artists is proud to be promoted in this wonderful place.
DE Duesseldorf
The Quirin Bank support and promote international art. The branch office organize reguarly art exhibitions in their location in the center of Duesseldorf. Qurin banking is linked to transparency, sustainability and innovation. So we are very pleased that Quirin bank supports the european sculpture ARTSURPISE.EU which is an open, innovative and committed art project itself.
DE Berlin III
The FORUM Factory offers the right venue for your event, in the center of Berlin. It is just 300 meters from the subway station Koch Street. Within walking distance of Checkpoint Charlie and the Springer building are accessible. The Forum Factory shows regulary young contemporary art.
DE Bonn
Gallery Sassen is one of the leading upcoming art galleries in the Cologne/Bonn region, represented at several international art fairs and connected with a lot of high-potential artists.
DE Peine
The Peine Museum presents contemporary art in a large and light-flooded space in monthly alternating temporary exhibitions. The responsible director Dr. Evers supports and promotes European art in the region and invites to special workshops and art activities. A powerful art association acts in the background, collects young contemporary art and creates a cultural benefit for the city and the region.
DE Troisdorf
Inside the former castle Burg Wissem you can find one of the leading illustration museums in Europe. A focus is on children's book illustration which is, together with various temporary art exhibitions, presented in an exclusive environment. The Museum is represented at the most important international book fairs like Leipziger Buchmesse and connected to various other art activities.
DE Dorsten II.
As part of the Creative-Quartier Zeche Fuerst Leopolt in Dorsten one of the biggest art galleries opened its doors with more than 5000 square meters. The gallery (open daily 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.) is part of the open art initiative "Creativ-Quartier Fürst Leopold" in Dorsten on the site of a former coal-mine.
DE Dorsten
The Gallery Traumfänger is one of the brandnew and emerging art hot spots in the Ruhr region. On more than 600 square meters the sculptor and gallerist Norbert Then reguarly invites to art exhibitions, studio parties, festivals and workshops. The gallery (open daily 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.) is part of the open art initiative "Creativ-Quartier Fürst Leopold" in Dorsten on the site of a former coal-mine.
DE Gelsenkirchen
Artdepot is one of the new galleries in Gelsenkirchen, run by the enthusiastic international artist Renate Braendlein.
DE Hennef
The town hall gallery of the city of Hennef - near Cologne and Bonn - regularly shows young contemporary art. As part of the new town hall, the concept includes art and cultural events in the heart of the city.
DE Legden - Asbeck
The producer gallery from Petra and Hans Nijman Brücke ( bridge ) in Legden Asbeck shows young contemporary art from local and international artists.
DE Rheinbach
The Glasmuseum Rheinbach is one of the leading glass art museums in Europe. Located near Bonn and Cologne the museum presents, besides information about the history of glass-making in the Rhineland and techniques of glass art, a beautiful choice of glass objects from various epoques, including important contemporary glass art collections.
ES Cervera
One of the most important and special missions of the artist residence CASA DEL DRAGON is to invite artists and helpers to live together in a temporary, time-limited community. They live together, they cook and eat together and they work together, to develop new art projects and to generate social networking.
ES Vilafames
Amparo Dominguez and Jesus Llopis run this exquisite space for art and culture in the city of Vilafames (Castellon, Spain). In a medieval private house they run their gallery since 2006. Trafic DArt is name and theme of a huge stock of excellent art works. Amparo and Jesus following the roots of the family - artists and printmakers. Near to the contemporary art museum of Vilafames the gallery is a really contemporary hotspot of art in a historic enviroment.
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