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You are established seller of european contemporary art! You want to use artsurprise as a platform for expanding your business and for promotion and marketing. You like new conpects and you want to explore the power of social art! Start now.


Artsurprise is a social sculpture and itself a piece of art. The responsible artist Juan Petry mounted more than 70 vending machines in the last years temporary in art fairs, festivals and exhibition spaces or long term based in galeries and museums in Europe.

2022-12-23 – the Box Number 30.000 is published – success

A typical artsurprise vending machine has 10-20 columns with buttons for different art types like drawing, painting, photography, objects… Some machines are modified and distributing special sub catergories (landscape, black&white, nudes in photography) or sophisticated art types like video art or audio art.

The world in numbers...

published boxes: 30919
published series: 483
Artists: 319
vending machines: 70

Most viewed artworks...

ARTSURPRISE - Art work   ARTSURPRISE - Art work   ARTSURPRISE - Art work   ARTSURPRISE - Art work   ARTSURPRISE - Art work   

All pieces of art are distributed in specific sized carton boxes (which are also part of the artworks). The limited space in a box is 80 mm x 50 mm x 16 mm and the total weight including the carton need to be between 20 gr and 100 gr per box.

Each box is labeled with bar code and serial number and therefore a unique piece of art. The box should be handled as well as the artwork inside. Nevertheless its a confirmation of having an original piece of artsurprise!

Artworks are published in the artsurprise project in series of 120 unique pieces, each signed and numbered by the artist.

You can distribute art of your featured artists through this project. You can use boxes, inserts and special editions and other marketing opportunities around the vending machines for your goals and you can host one of our vending machines at your location.